Utilities Respond to Growing Need for Electricity

There’s no doubt that the demand for energy in the Pacific Northwest will be increasing.

Our region’s population is growing and so are new technologies that rely on electricity as a power source. We expect to see the need for electricity increase significantly in the next decade.

Many utilities have added renewable power sources and are exploring others in response to environmental goals mandated by recent legislation. Greater energy demand, resources and other issues, plus new environmental requirements will all influence the utilities’ plans for providing reliable, affordable power in the future.

Utilities engage in long-term planning and regularly assess the risks and benefits of various energy resources, new technologies and energy-efficiency methods to meet future electricity needs.  Customers count on them to provide reliable electricity at the most reasonable price possible, while protecting the environment.

To meet the need for more electricity in a fiscally and environmentally responsible way, utilities are partnering with consumers to intensify energy efficiency efforts. At the same time, utilities are exploring and supporting new technology development, investing in infrastructure upgrades and integrating additional renewable resources to keep pace with the growing power demand. 

There are complex challenges ahead to meet the demands of the future.  Utilities are reaching out to their industry partners and customers to ensure everyone is part of the solution.


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