Full Speed Ahead for an Efficient Future

Northwest utilities are preparing for the future.  They are adding fresh ideas, online tools, and new instrumentation to help consumers use energy more efficiently.

Energy efficiency is important to people in the Northwest.  For decades, our efforts have been at the leading edge nationally.  And our success has set the stage for more ambitious programs in the years ahead.   

To meet the demand for electricity, utilities will need to add renewable resources and traditional generation.  But they will meet a significant portion of growing demand with energy efficiency.  It is a top priority in their plans. 

Beyond the light switch, there is a world of transition under way.  

The commitment to efficiency means major retooling.  While many Northwest consumers have switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs – CFLs – or replaced a leaky window, the new measures that will take us reliably into the future require large investments. 

Energy efficiency today involves complex ideas and technologies like the Smart Grid, through which utilities will be able to communicate with customers and work directly with households and businesses to save energy.  Converting this promise to reality requires many things; among them, revamping substations to handle digital information.  Other measures, like bringing more energy efficient TVs and household appliances to market, take funding for research and development, product testing, and promotion. 

Utilities are on a path to meet tomorrow’s energy needs through innovation and ingenuity, with an eye toward value.  They are investing today to bring about the efficiency payoffs of tomorrow.